All around the world the post-industrial areas are becoming the places where the most impressive pieces of architecture are erected and prestigious business, entertainment and art events are hosted.

The magnificent building 89A stands right in the middle of downtown Gdansk, near the famous Solidarity Square. It is a gem among the post-industrial architecture of Europe. U-boots were manufactured here before World War II, but later the it has been used for peaceful purposes only. In the middle of 2004 it was called Centrum Stocznia Gdanska (Gdansk Shipyard Centre) and became the seat of the European Culture and Education Centre.

As a result of uor half year work we've created four basic surfaces:


It took the workers from the FCM Tomex building industry from Oborniki Wielkopolskie almost a year to bring my visions to life. They demolished the walls, cut out the steel constructions, moved the gountries, raised large concrete walls. For almost twenty days air-hammers welded ferroconcrete floors revealing a beautifull paved pre-war street and those tracks... The welders daily working at the construction of large industrial depots have set the antique railway gates, galleries and finally they have welded the soul of C.LUB Stocznia - a cantine-like unique bar. The electricians' struggle against the darkness resulted in hanging impressive chandeliers and wooden brackets. We have built a proffesional stage at the end of the railway tracks - and then we all could congratulate ourselves.

As a result of half a year of our work we've created four basic surfaces:

concert hall

club-room C.LUB Stocznia


Outdoorarea- concerts and open air events.

A year before the solemn celebration of 25th anniversary of Gdansk August '80 and the rise of NSZZ "Solidarity" we have engaged ourselves with looking for an artist who could "baptise" this space. We negotiated with U2, Roger Waters from Pink Floyd and J.M. Jarre - with the latter artist we have negotiated the terms of production since January 2005, while knocking down first buildings, cutting down the trees. The sucessful realisation of Jean Michel Jarre's " Space of freedom" project has shown the whole medial and logistic potential of the Gdansk Shipyard Centre and created a strong foundation for great productions in the future.

Dear Ladies and Gentelmen, anybody who has worked, lived in it, or, as it happened in my case, devoted themselves to the Shipyard -knows that this charismatic place is the one you return to and miss. It's not hard to guess why the natives call this "mysterious" feeling "shipyarding". I hope, that the Gdansk Shipyard Centre, thanks to You and Your longing for its atmosphere, will be a witness to many, so far unprecedented in Poland, cultural events. It is You who can create its new fascinating history.

Michał M. Torz